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Hot Sale Counter Top Dispenser Ice Maker from China

Posted by: Sebahtstian on 01/04/2018 11:27 PM

The quality of your commercial ice maker will have a direct influence on customer satisfaction. Itís not the only factor that will determine how visitors feel about your restaurant, but itís one you can count on to play a meaningful role in their experience. Donít find yourself stuck with a commercial ice makers that canít do the job. Go for a trusted brand that you can count on.

We scoured the user reviews for a number of top brands to bring you a summary of the reputation each has with its customers. Hereís what we found.

Ice-o-Matic makes a wide range of ice maker for sale and accessories including self-contained ice machines, modular models, ice bins, and water filters. Their products get positive reviews across the board. Customers of the self-contained ice maker commercial say they make a lot of ice for the size and fit conveniently in the available space. Customers of several different models talk about how quiet their ice machines are and how fast they make ice. As a company devoted to making ice machines and related products, Ice-O-Matic knows the space, and it shows in the products they deliver.

Wanqi sells a wide range of both undercounter self-contained models and modular commercial ice maker for sale , including commercial modular machines that make extremely large quantities of ice. Reviews of their products are solid across with board, with an occasional mention of the machines being a little noisy. Even most of the reviewers with that complaint are still happy with their purchase overall though.
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