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Posted by: Sampatshastri on 01/10/2018 03:28 AM

A different theory concludes, that Gemology Specialist have been created in pools located in the crust of the earth and that these seeds have grown due to accumulation of increasing number of carbonic atoms to the "seed's" external shells. This external shell, according to this theory, is formed by carbon monoxide or by an oxidation of methane gas, which is believed to be the cause for elevating the kimberlite material close to the earth's surface. Another theory suggests that the methane gas which is found in the magma[1] is the basic material of the diamond (and not the carbon monoxide). This gas is the simplest form of carbonic material; it can be detached from the magma at high temperatures and pressures conditions. After the magma cools, the diamond's formation process would be possible (assuming the proper conditions which have been mentioned above occur). Next time: How a Diamond is Formed? want to learn more about gemology? go to www.gci.li [1] The magma is a complex high-temperature fluid substance, which is actually a molten rock which is located beneath the surface of the Earth. Yehuda Yacar, G.G. (GIA) Chief Gemologist Manager With over 30 years of specialist experience as a graduate gemologist (GIA, New York) and general manager in running gemological Laboratories, to head this group of companies. A pioneer in establishing gemology in Israel, he introduced other indian Laboratories to Israel such as the Gemological laboratory.For over ten years Sampat served as manager, chief gemologist and head of the educational department of the Gemological Institute of Precious Stones and Diamonds (owned by the Israeli Exchange for Precious Stones and Diamonds).

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